How I became a portrait artist

Ever since I was at school I was always drawing and painting… in my spare time I would be up in my bedroom drawing pictures of famous pop artists such as Take That and the Spice girls… it was like an obsession to me… trying to do pencil portraits and paintings as life like as possible!

I studied art at A levels but then I went into the ‘real world’, to get a ‘real job’, and for years I didn’t pick up a pencil or paint brush.  Then one Christmas I was bored… you know how it is, that lull between Christmas and New Year… so I went into the loft and found all my art material to find out if after all those years of not drawing, if I had lost my talent.

Luckily I had not… I posted my picture on Facebook (good ol’Social Media!) and then immediately after that I had a request to do my first ever commissioned pet portrait in oil paints.

It was daunting to say the least – previously I only ever did portraits for myself, never for other people. The painting was of a beautiful Bullmastiff and it was a success and I have never looked back.

Since then I have not stopped – I have had people from all over the world, from Sydney, Australia to California, USA and also all over the UK. I have provided quality oil painting portraits and also pencil portraits of pets, family and friends.

I work in my house which is just a stones throw from the beach in Suffolk with my cocker spaniel mostly sleeping by my side.

I work from photographs and the end result is high quality pencil portraits  or oil paintings at extremely good prices. I don’t believe in charging the earth as I do this for the love of art rather than to make money 🙂